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Sorry I've been gone for awhile. So far the season is going great for our Houston Astros. This week the Astros are battleing the Colorodo Rockies which can be reached at Rockies Home page The game starts at 7:05 central time. Good luck Astros lets for a sweep of the series. For additional info on th Astro click here for the Houston Astros Home Page

E-Mail the Astros and their adversaries
I you would like to write to the Astros you can write to

Houston Astros
P.O. Box 288
Houston Tx 77001-0288
or E-mail:http://WWW.Astros.Com/Maillist

Not every one is an Aastros fan so everytime the Astros play any team home or away I'll put thier mailing address so you can send them fan mail.
I wasn't able to find the Rockies mailing address. You can e-mail them on their web page found above.
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Down below you can diffrent links they are not all related on baseball. We can not live off baseball alone.So if you have a suggestion on how I can improve on this page, E-mail me to the addres below.

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Imagine Radio
Create your music station

Major League Baseball's Home page
Lots of information on the entire major league plus info on the minors.

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